KSMI Weather is Eastern Ontario's undisputed private weather leader for a variety of industries, including property maintenance, construction, snow removal, transportation, education, agriculture, and special events (such as sports, concerts, festivals, parades).
We provide our clients with mission critical weather forecasts, reports, and exclusive data that helps them run their businesses around the clock – and more efficiently.
Each year, we heavily invest in our commitment to local weather technologies. We own and operate Eastern Ontario's only snowfall detection network, and in 2016 we launched our Road Weather Information Network; a network that monitors pavement temperatures and residual salt content on surfaces across the region.
Our commitment to our clients is that we will stop at nothing to ensure that we bring them the best weather forecasting tools, analysis, and data. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Winter Services

From detailed forecast discussions to real-time snowfall accumulation data — our Winter Service provides mission critical decision making data all season long.

  • Access to our web client portal and telephone consulting
  • In-depth forecasting, event tracking, and expert discussions
  • Real-time snowfall monitoring allowing you to see exactly how much snow has fallen
  • Advanced condition reporting including pavement temperatures and road surface conditions
  • Access to dozens of live and archived weather cameras across the region
  • 24 hour local-weather monitoring ensuring you never miss a snowflake

Weather Station Network

We own and operate weather stations across the city, but also rely on members of the community to help report conditions in their neighborhood. We provide these community members with gratis access to some of our cores services as a way to say thanks!

How does our weather station program work?

  • If you have a Personal Weather Station, you can share your data with KSMI Weather.
  • If your weather station uploads data on a regular basis, we will offer you access to select KSMI Weather products, on a gratis basis.
  • Your data will be used in preparing KSMI Weather's forecasts and reports. You will also have access to records, as reported by your station, from the time you begun sharing data with us.
  • If you wish, your name, weather station model, and a picture of your weather station will be associated with the data.
  • Our team is ready to assist you with setting up your weather station, providing installation tips, and configuring the technical back-end for it all to work.
  • To join our weather station network, please email pws@localforecast.ca for details.

How are we different?

We provide a unique, in-depth, and one of a kind approach to telling Ottawa's Winter weather story.

  • Leading up to a snow event, we provide a preview of how a storm is expected to perform - such as timing and expected accumulation
  • The day and hours before an event, our team tweaks the expected forecast track, accumulation totals, and timing of the event
  • During a storm, our team evaluates storm performance, the expected versus actual track, and issues updated forecast products
  • Our team remains available to our clients all throughout a storm, and delivers hourly updates on accumulation and forecast changes
  • At the end of a storm, we provide a recap of totals and timing, useful for record keeping purposes.



We serve mission critical weather data to a variety of companies.

This is a must service for us..

KSMI is a part of our business. They are instrumental in our timing decisions for all snow operations. Using this service has made us more cost effective and simply put we spend less wasted time which in turn has saved us a lot of money. Thanks Kyle and team. This is a must service for us!

Ed Hansen, Hansen Ottawa

KSMI has proven to provide more relevant and accurate information

KSMI has provided us with up to date weather reports without needing to go to multiple websites online. With the blend of models they use, as well as the descriptions of those models, KSMI has proven to provide more relevant and accurate information than The Weather Network or Environment Canada. It has helped us schedule our employees ahead of snow and freezing rain events, helping us provide an even better service to our clients.

Daniel Aiello, Cityscape

I highly recommend using KSMI Weather!

Our mission is providing the best service to our customers! We came upon KSMI Weather. They never sleep during Weather events, send out relevant weather updates as they occur, update event totals, and when events will end.
Most impressive as Ottawa can be a tricky area to forecast. When forecasts are different than what happened, we usually have an explanation as to what changed with the event, makes it an education in weather as well.
I highly recommend using KSMI Weather! Keep up the great work!

Mark Milliken, A Wintergreen Landscaping

No more 4am wake up calls..

KSMI Weather is amazing! I slept so much better, knowing that I would be alerted if any weather popped up during the winter season. No more 4am wake up calls just to see if it had snowed unexpectedly. KSMI provides the timely and accurate information I need to dispatch my crews efficiently.

Lindsey Ross, GC Ottawa



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